Counseling & Life Purpose Coaching: Life Choice Consulting, Garth Walker, Kelowna, Okanagan, BC

Garth Walker, MA, RCC, LPC
Counsellor & Life Purpose Coach

Counseling & Life Purpose Coaching: Life Choice Consulting, Garth Walker, Kelowna, Okanagan, BC

Counselling & Life Purpose Coaching Testimonials: Life Choice Consulting, Kelowna, Okanagan, BCTestimonials


"Garth is a great listener, with insightful perspectives. He has a gentle, encouraging way to help you become more aware of yourself and the steps you need to take to find freedom/success. His manner is loving and warm but firm - the effects are deep and long lasting. Thank you Garth for making a significant difference in my life."

"During what was a difficult and vulnerable time in my life, Garth provided both a sympathetic ear for listening and an objective perspective of some of the deeper issues surrounding my struggles.  From my first meeting with Garth, I felt like his interest in fostering positive change in me was as genuine as my own.  He listens intently, asks questions that are purposeful and practical and offers advice that is constructive.  I am incredibly thankful for his help in establishing a healthy foundation for my life and for teaching me how to maintain that foundation."

"We really appreciated the approach that we received in our counselling with Garth. Garth showed a caring attitude in his way of counselling us, we did not feel threatened or judged. We found that he was very understanding and sensitive of our needs and knowledgeably guided us through our situation. We truly valued our counselling sessions and greatly benefited from them."

My wife and I feel we could not have had better help than from Garth to prepare us for our recent marriage. Garth combines great skill and compassion with wise insight. We felt safe working with him and he was not afraid to address the real issues.

Life Purpose Coaching

“Life Purpose Facilitation is a helpful tool in articulating future goals and dreams as well as returning wayward priorities to their rightful place. Garth Walker is a most capable guide; focused and understanding, he is quick to bring clarity to the important issues of life. Garth coaches with a pastoral heart. I highly recommend him!”
... Pastor

“I wish to thank you for guiding me through a Life Purpose facilitation. I appreciate in particular your sensitivity, guidance and expertise in helping me as I wrestled with going through not only a career change but also a life change.

It has been shared that “change” involves a letting go of one thing as we reach out for what is next. But what do we reach out to hold on to? The Life Purpose program has helped me to look again at my life goals and life dreams and the things that have made me who I am and who I am called to be.

With your help and Life Purpose I know again, what is important to me, to reach out to – faith, family and purpose. With your help I have come to understand again the need to develop a plan or better still a map as I journey into new and uncharted waters and passageways. An adventure is waiting and I have again a plan, a map, a set of goals to reach out to and hold on to in anticipation of letting them go and reaching out to even greater goals."
... Pastor, Church Leadership Consultant

“You always wonder if when you go to a training exercise or a “journey” if the experience will have a lasting effect. Will it be worth the time? Will I change and am I convinced that I need to? My answers to these questions are an overwhelming “YES”!

I am much more focused upon the things that I need to do to be more engaged in my life. I have found a joy upon my heart that I have not felt or known in about two to three years. I am very much looking forward to my future and what possibilities are available to me and to those whom I touch in life – at work, at play and at home."
... Business Team Leader


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