Garth Walker – Bio

Garth WalkerOne of my core passions is to see people respond to the love of God and experience the ongoing transformation of their lives into all that God intended for them personally. God has given me many opportunities to come alongside others to assist them in discovering what the next step of the journey looks like and to examine what God has been saying to them. What an awesome privilege this has been.

My own journey has included recognizing:

  • both the positive and negative impact of my past
  • the awesome touch of God on my life
  • the challenge to view others from His perspective.

It has been a very interesting journey. I have been a carpenter, tool salesman, sales manager, associate pastor, and counsellor. In each of these, my priority has always been people and relationships. God has taught me through them as much or more than I taught them. And of course, my wife and children have often been my best teachers.

My Promise

I respectfully accept that not everyone has a faith background or wants to talk about their spiritual life. I never push my faith on anyone or pursue a hidden agenda.

Garth’s Life Purpose Statement

Clarifying reality, learning to live accordingly, focused on Jesus!

Garth’s Favorites

Writers: Max Lucado, Eugene Peterson, Mark Buchanan, Paul the Apostle, King David

Quote: “If we could only catch a glimpse of God’s image in others, especially the down and out, we would be blinded and forever changed.” (C.S. Lewis)

Foods: lasagna, cheese cake

Hobbies: kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, woodworking, remodeling, reading