Garth’s counselling model is based on Christian principles. He uses a holistic approach to life which addresses our psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual design. Important: Garth respectfully accepts that not everyone has a faith background or wants to talk about their spiritual life. He never pushes his faith on anyone or pursues a hidden agenda.

Marriage & Family Counselling

  • communication
  • conflict management
  • reconciliation
  • sexuality
  • career issues
  • finances
  • parenting
  • parent/teen conflict
  • pre-engagement and premarital

Personal Counselling

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • codependency
  • abuse
  • sexuality
  • boundaries
  • family of origin issues

Spiritual Development

  • relationship with God
  • your purpose in God’s community

Group Seminars

  • The Parent-Teen Challenge
  • Growing Together – Real Marriage
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Ministry to One Another