Focus on the Family

Focus has relevant and practical support for issues such as sex, parenting, money and in-laws. Check out this great resource.

Growth Trac

This bright website provides a variety of daily marriage thoughts & devotions, discussion forums and book reviews.

Kelowna Community Resources

This site lists and describes many of the family resources available in Kelowna.

Life Purpose Coaching Centers International

Life Purpose Coaching has been very helpful for both men and women who desire to be on a more intentional journey to discover their specific life purposes. This site can connect you with a life purpose coach in many communities across North America.

Marriage Builders

Based on Dr. Harley’s concept of “His needs & Her needs,” this is a great resource for helping you to understand the differences between you and your spouse. Take fun questionnaires, read relevant articles that meet you where you are at, even join a discussion forum.

Successful Step Families

Anyone who’s tried it will tell you: blending a family is harder than they expected. Ron Deal has done a masterful job of providing innovative and helpful information and resources. If you are in a step family, you will want to bookmark this page.